1. Name

Canilos Animal Foundation

stichting canilos animal foundation

2. Fiscal identification number


3. Contact information

Canilos Animal Foundation
Laan van Berendrecht 106
2352 VL Leiderdorp

4. Board Members

Chairman : Sabine Keukenbring
Treasurer : Guido H.H. Nafzger
1st Secretary : Robert A.F. van der Kraan
2nd Secretary : vacancy
Board Member : Paula E. M. Van Loo
Board Member : Maria A. Kolthof


5. Policy Plan 2016-2019

a. Long term goals. What have we achieved on January 1st, 2019?

1. January 1st, 2019, all barrel dogs on Lesbos free.
2. An open shelter on Lesbos to welcome barrel dogs and of course as well stray dogs that cannot be housed elsewhere.
3. The goal is that local residents are going to run the open shelter Canilos.

b. In which way do we want to realize the long term goals?

By creating a wider basis on Lesbos and in The Netherlands for our long term goals.
By encouraging a notion of shared responsibility for our long term goals among the residents and organizations on Lesbos.

c. Which cooperation partners and/or partners associated with in The Netherlands?

Animal Foundation Platform (

d. Which cooperation partners in Greece / on Lesbos?

Kivotos (official name Society for the Caring of the Unprotected Animals “The ARK of Mytilene”)
Local veterinarians
Authorities: Police, Justice, Civil Servants (Mayor)
Dr. Iosif Botetzagias
Associate Professor of Environmental Politics & Policy
Department of Environment - University of the Aegean

6. Reward policy

Not applicable

7. Objectives

To support animals in need outside of The Netherlands, first of all in Greece. Locating and mapping cases of animal neglect, exploitation of animals and needless torment of animals. To influence local, regional and national politics to improve the living conditions of domesticated animals. To provide information to heighten awareness of citizens about animal welfare. To develop various activities, products and services to promote animal welfare and support concrete animal emergency relief.

8. Report on activities 2015

Running projects
  • Project Barrel Dogs Lesbos: located more cases and followed up on them
  • Project Shop: Fully developed and good revenues with help of volunteers
  • Project Education: expanded to adjacent islands
  • Project Microchipping Barrel Dogs: as yet inadequate
  • Project Anja: support for her activities with regard to dogs in the mountains
New projects
  • Project Daycare Barrel Dogs for hopeless cases
  • Project support charities and other organizations locally or elsewhere

9. Financial accountability 2016

financiele verantwoording 2016

For more information please contact the Board.

We are very grateful for every type of support!


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Foundation Canilos te Dordrecht
Account number:
IBAN: NL45TRIO0254718124
Triodos bank, Zeist, The Netherlands