The new year 2018 has just begun. A good time to evaluate what our foundation has done and achieved in the past year.

Our self-proclaimed main goal is of course  improving the living conditions of barrel dogs on the island, and where possible to liberate them from their chains. This is a continuous project, about which you can read everything  elsewhere on this website.

 In 2017 our rangers:

Carried out 584 checks in total, during which 259 “new”dogs were observed.

Distributed as follows:

  • 259 first oral or written warnings were issued
  • 218 second or last warnings were issued to the owners
  • 28 fines were written by the police (varying from 100 to 6000 euros)
  • 79 dogs were found to live in improved conditions

This last fact is not always totally satisfying, but it certainly is the first step to a better life for these dogs. The improvement varies from chipping and/or vaccinating (which does not do much for the dog itself, but which is of utmost importance) to an actual improvement of the living conditions, such as a good doghouse, more food and water, a longer chain, or, no chain at all!

Furthermore our foundation engages itself in sterilization of stray dogs. On the one hand through projects of our own, on the other hand together with Kivotos, the animal protection organization on the island. In this way, more than 200 stray dogs have  been sterilized in 2017.

In addition, we also give financial support to the Education Project of Kivotos, which provides information in primary schools all over the island. Amongst others about how to handle barrel dogs and stray dogs. It is of the utmost importance that the future generation of barrel dog owners become convinced that there are better ways to take care of and handle our four legged friends. Shortly a blog specifically about this subject will be published.

Last year we also financially supported  the local shelters, the places that welcome abandoned puppies and confiscated former barrel dogs. This helps them to continue their good work. They always need money for accommodations, dog food, fences, medication, veterinarians and all kinds of other  necessities.

Your financial help is indispensable! Please go to the “donation page” for your gift! Thank you so much.

And last but not least a warm thank you to all volunteers in The Netherlands (Canilos Thrift Shop) and on Lesbos, who also in 2017 worked so hard to make our work possible!

GEKETEND                                                          ONGEKETEND


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Do you remember the horror story about the flooding at Anja of Eresos? At that time we could make a considerable donation to support Anja, also thanks to the help of an important contributor (Maud Crombach). As a consequence, she even was able to carry through great improvements, and install an operation room, a new puppy accommodation, and cameras.
For a responsible adoption you can always contact her at:  www.eresosforanimals.com

           Eressosoperatiekamer                                                                                                        Eressospuppyshed

                                     Operating theatre                                                                                                                                                   Puppy accommodation

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A nice story:  board member Paula van Loo spent a couple of days on the Dutch coast. One evening she and her company went for dinner in a Greek restaurant in Zandvoort. Because of the pleasant contact with the owner,  the conversation soon turned to Canilos and the goals of our foundation.  Paula’s enormous enthusiasm and passion proved to be so convincing that after the bill was paid, the owner made a donation to Canilos.

Thank you and bravo!                                                                                                                                   Grieksrestaurant

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On Saturday November 4th the Canilos thrift shop opened its doors for the visitors of the annual Saint Hubert Fair in Gulpen. On this special day, honouring Saint Hubert, every year approx. 30,000 people come to this village in Limburg to visit  the big (agricultural) market, and to enjoy the food and drinks. For Canilos a unique opportunity to exhibit as much of the assortment as possible, and to try and achieve the highest daily turnover of the year!

Nearly all volunteers of the shop come to assist on that day, to create beautiful arrays, to exhibit all furniture, to man the shop and to attend to as many clients as possible. This year the weather was wonderful, causing the market to be more busy than ever, since it was pleasant to spend time outside. But also in the shop itself there was a lot of action going on.

Everybody worked very hard, and at the end of the day we could look back on a fantastic day, which passed quickly in the usual fraternal mood, and which, once more, yielded a huge turnover for our goal: FREE THE BARREL DOGS ON LESBOS!

        HubertusbordHubertusdruktebuitenHubertusboekenrij        HubertuskerstmisMagazijn            Hubertuswinkel           Winkelbalie              

Hubertusboeken                    Hubertusmeubels                     Hangertjesboom



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Canilos works to improve the situation of barrel dogs, and also engages in sterilization projects for dogs and cats. We do not work in the adoption field. However, we herewith want to express our gratitude to the many individual volunteers who welcome stray dogs and cats, take care of their sterilization, and find them a new, safe home.


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Meeting2                                                                      Meeting3

The meeting was attended by a strikingly great number of young Greek persons who are concerned about the welfare of animals, and are taking action to achieve this.

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Panayiotis             Kettinghond                Panos

Two days in the car together, visiting all parts of the island, and only one subject of discussion: dogs! For both the rangers and the board members an immense motivation to continue our work!

Kettinghond2                                               Kettinghond3

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During the last week of September, three Canilos Board members (Maria, Paula and Sabine) visited the island of Lesvos. This time a delegation of three instead of two or one, because Paula is preparing to finish her work for Canilos, and wanted to introduce Sabine to her acquaintances on the island.
The purpose of this half-yearly visit is to maintain the personal contacts with volunteers, interested parties and helpful Greek residents, the cooperating veterinarians, the police and municipality.

Two days  “on (and off!) the road”  with the rangers showed clearly that there are strikingly less barrel dogs. However, still too many are living in animal-unworthy situations.


                                                                                                           DSC00005             Rangers2


A meeting with volunteers (from our partner Kivotos as well), veterinarians and other interested persons was attended by a great number of people, making it possible to exchange many recommendations and experiences. New suggestions were made, and collaborations were forged.


                                             Meeting                                                                                                   Iris


Dialogues with police and municipal/government officials reinforced these contacts; cooperation with these departments is crucial!


From the car rental owner to the innocent passer-by: many saw the bus advertising, promoting better living conditions for the barrel dogs. Also the TV and radio commercials were seen and heard by many! During the next year, we will continue these publications with varying subjects.




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For quite a while, the Board of Canilos was functioning without a chairman. Although this did not cause any problems, the Board is delighted now to have found a new chairman! Or rather, “chairwoman”! For a couple of months now, Sabine Keukenbring has been active in this function. After a career in trade and industry (particularly in the hospitality sector) and independent entrepreneurship (small hotel business in France), she is happy to be able to spend time now  on voluntary work. The Canilos Animal Foundation caught her attention because her friend Paula van Loo for many years successfully has been active  for them. The hardworking board members of Canilos, the volunteers in the “Snuffelwinkel” (thrift shop) and certainly the local Greek representatives and volunteers have established a solid base during the past years, on which step by step the phenomenon of barrel dogs on Lesvos, and hopefully also in other places, will be banned. Sabine strongly believes this can be achieved. As a great animal lover, she hopes to be able to make a contribution to this idealistic but certainly feasible goal.

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We are very grateful for every type of support!


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