With a small donation you can help many dogs

Donations can be given in two ways: online, as a single one-time donation, or a monthly recurrent donation. By choosing one of the red donation buttons below you can make your choice, and the rest will show itself.

  • Online donation

    Online donation

    Your donation will primarily be used for activities for the benefit of those barrel dogs, who suffer most under the present conditions.

  • Monthly donation

    Monthly donation

    Donations by direct debit:
    monthly, automatic deduction starting at € 2,50 per month.


As mentioned previously on this website, it goes without saying that a regular income is crucial to achieve the aspired goals of Canilos Animal Foundation. Fortunately the Thrift Shop provides a basic revenue, but it is not nearly sufficient to carry out the various projects.

On the island several volunteers are actively helping Canilos. They do not receive payment, but they do have expenses and travel costs, which of course have to be reimbursed. For example, our rangers drive around the island several times a week to identify barrel dogs, to trace the owners and talk to them, and to judge the status quo over and over again.

The microchipping and sterilization programme requires the cooperation of the local veterinarians. Even though they work at a lower rate, the microchip itself, the operation rooms, the material and the official registration has to be fully paid for.

We do support our colleague volunteers at Kivotos (animal welfare organization Lesbos) financially with the costs of their education programme, with the printing costs for  information for the local residents and tourists, as well as fortravel expenses, costs for promotion material, and such..

To keep an eye on the progress and the functionality of the various projects, the Board of Canilos is regularly (weekly!) in touch with the local volunteers, sometimes directly and often through our Greek partner Dr. Iosif Botetzagias.

For detailed information about our policy plan, financial responsibility and such, we refer to ANBI (Public Benefit Organization). Read more here.

In this way you can be sure that your donation is received by a certified foundation, and that 100% of  it will be used to achieve the objective  of Canilos: FREE ALL BARREL DOGS ON LESBOS!

For information and advice on legacies and gifts we ask you to contact our Treasurer through this contact form.


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