1. Name

Canilos Animal Foundation

stichting canilos animal foundation

2. Fiscal identification number


3. Contact information

Canilos Animal Foundation
Molenstraat-Centrum 126
7311 ND Apeldoorn

4. Board Members

Chairman : Sabine Keukenbring
Secretary : Agnes Reeuwijk
2e secretary Organisation and Communication : Wim Markerink 
Board Member : Paula E. M. Van Loo
Board Member : Maria A. Kolthof


5. Policy Plan 2016-2019

a. Long term goals. What have we achieved on January 1st, 2019?

1. All barrel dogs on Lesbos free.
2. Establishing an Education and Awareness Centre on Lesbos. There will as well be an emergency shelter to take care of urgent animal abuse cases. This goes for all domesticated animals on the island
3. Starting point is that the local residents will run this centre.

b. In which way do we want to realize the long term goals?

By creating a wider basis on Lesbos and in The Netherlands for our long term goals.
By encouraging a notion of shared responsibility for our long term goals among the residents and organizations on Lesbos.

c. Which cooperation partners and/or partners associated with in The Netherlands?

Animal Foundation Platform (

d. Which cooperation partners in Greece / on Lesbos?

Kivotos (official name Society for the Caring of the Unprotected Animals “The ARK of Mytilene”)
Local veterinarians
Authorities: Police, Justice, Civil Servants (Mayor)
Dr. Iosif Botetzagias
Associate Professor of Environmental Politics & Policy
Department of Environment - University of the Aegean

6. Reward policy

Not applicable

7. Objectives

To support animals in need outside of The Netherlands, first of all in Greece. Locating and mapping cases of animal neglect, exploitation of animals and needless torment of animals. To influence local, regional and national politics to improve the living conditions of domesticated animals. To provide information to heighten awareness of citizens about animal welfare. To develop various activities, products and services to promote animal welfare and support concrete animal emergency relief.

8. Report on activities in 2018

Report on project Barrel dogs

Unfortunately, in 2018 our rangers have not been able to make as many effective visits as compared to 2017.
There are several reasons for this:

  • the working area has been expanded to more remote regions, which causes a less effective use of the necessary time
  • illness and other activities by the rangers
  • the police force has less time to come along to difficult situations

Our short-term efforts will be aimed at:

  • recruiting rangers in other regions, who will operate within the Canilos concept
  • to find one more ranger in the Mytilini region
  • to implement more systematics in the existing concept
Project sterilizations

There have been several sterilization projects in 2018 as well:

  • a more or less continuous project in the area of Mytilini in cooperation with Kivotos
  • A Canilos project in Kalloni and surroundings, during which stray dogs and domestic dogs as well (at a reduced rate) have been sterilized
  • talks with volunteers in Plomari and surroundings to start a similar project (stray as well as domestic dogs). In 2019 this has resulted in a small trial project.
Project education

Naturally the financial support of educational projects by Kivotos is continued every year. In the mean time plans have taken form to start organizing Education Days, during which school classes are our guest for one day in a place where animals are taken in and taken care of. For example: both dog and donkey shelters.
Furthermore the first discussions have taken place with European representatives to examine whether more cooperation is possible in the field of promotion of animal welfare in which the younger generations are involved.

Project Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop is still very successful, and remains the backbone of our foundation. In the mean time a second shop has been opened for more voluminous articles. The net revenues are entirely for the benefit of the above-mentioned projects.

9. Financial accountability 2020

In preparation.

For more information please contact the Board.

Foundation Canilos te Apeldoorn
Account number:
IBAN: NL45TRIO0254718124
Triodos bank, Zeist, The Netherlands

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