Canilos Thrift Shop

A foundation like Canilos cannot achieve its targets without money… To avoid depending exclusively on your generous donations, and in order to generate a basic income for the foundation, Paula van Loo came up with the idea to start a thrift shop, fairly soon after the foundation of Canilos.

This shop in the centre of Gulpen (Limburg) has in a couple of years become a well-known element in the village centre, and besides providing financial support for Canilos, it now also fulfils a social function in the community.
Under Betty van den Berg’s management, she and 55 volunteers enthousiastically run the shop in various shifts, thereby guaranteeing ample opening times. Many people from the surrounding area as well as from nearby Germany and Belgium are prepared to bring superfluous items to the shop. Many people are interested as well in buying these items. In spite of the exceptionally low prices (starting at € 0,10), our volunteers succeed in achieving an excellent daily turnover. Everything to help the barrel dogs!

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Foundation Canilos te Apeldoorn
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