Project Barrel dogs

Since 2012 European law prohibits the keeping of barrel dogs in Greece.  The new law states:

“Well-being is a condition, both for a person as well as for an animal, a proper treatment, so that they do not suffer and do not feel pain, their shelter has to be dry, clean and a protection against bad weather, without them being continuously chained, or lying in metal shelters. They need, and have to be provided with medical care, food and water, daily exercise and a normal, respectful treatment.”

This law is a tremendous support for our foundation. When it proves impossible to improve the living conditions of the dog with a mild approach, we can resound to more severe methods, i.e. alert the police, who then can issue fines.


To do this, the barrel dogs have to be identified, after which an inventarization can take place.

Together with local representatives, Canilos Animal Foundation directs two “rangers”, called “dogpolice” by the local population. They have the following tasks:

  • locate barrel dogs
  • describe the situation
  • tracing the owner
  • to point out to the owner his obligations and responsibilities (microchipping)
  • give suggestions to improve the situation
  • make check-up visits
  • if necessary, ultimately alert the police


  • compensation of expenses fort he rangers
  • fuel and depreciation costs of cars

Rangers Canilos - dog police Ranger waarschuwing 1 Ranger in actie 1


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