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Since the phenomenon “barrel dog” originates from an old tradition, providing information and education is an important part of our policy.

The Foundation Kivotos (Animal Welfare Organization Lesbos) has an information programme about “animal welfare” in general. This programma obviously also provides the opportunity to tell about stray and barrel dogs. To do this, about 70 schools on Lesbos are regularly visited.
In the mean time the education team started visiting the islands of Limnos and Samos as well.

Greek children consider stray dogs “scary”and a barrel dog “normal”, and do not realize that a dog can be a companion and a friend. With the help of photographs, videos and interactive teaching material, information is given in the classes about  the other manner in which one can see and treat a dog. And that a dog even can be a big support for disabled and elderly people.

The Kivotos education team tells stories in the class about animals, including stray and barrel dogs, listens to the reactions of the children, and tries to introduce another awareness by means of discussions and examples. Follow up of these projects is of course of utmost importance.

The actions of Kivotos are in part financially supported by Canilos.

Expenses for this project:

  • Developing and producing videos and teaching materials
  • Travel expenses of the volunteers
  • Development and production of information flyers that are handed out in the classes

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