Past experiences have taught us that the phenomenon “barrel dogs” is maintained amongst others by the abundant presence of stray dogs. This great number of strays in its turn results from the fact that only a minor number of domestic dogs are sterilized. Litters with puppies are often dumped, which completes the vicious circle.

For this reason, Canilos has been systematically taking action to sterilize both stray dogs as well as domestic dogs. The stray dogs are picked up from the streets by volunteers, sterilized by the cooperating veterinarian, and taken care of for a couple of days by volunteers.

To gently convince the owner of domestic dogs to cooperate with this program, a full package is offered at a reduced rate. This includes chipping of the dog, sterilization, and where necessary, vaccinations and treatment.

Local veterinarians have been found prepared to structurally support this programme, even at an adjusted rate.

Expenses for this project:

  • Veterinarian costs
  • Where necessary, extra treatment costs

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